Monday, September 26, 2011

Beautiful Photo of Ten Week Old Baby

This picture was taken by an Indian medical student of an unborn baby who was removed during a hysterectomy on a woman who had uterine cancer. It is a beautiful photograph that shows the humanity of the unborn child as early as 10 weeks after conception.

it was posted by live-action on their blog: go here to see it

in order to see what babies like this look like after they are aborted at 10 weeks, go to the clinic quote site here, but be warned that these pictures are extremely graphic and disturbing.

Thank God for the Internet – years ago, before the Internet became widely available, pro-lifers had to depend on the mainstream media to report issues of abortion, and the pictures of unborn babies. Needless to say, this seldom if ever happened. Now people see these pictures all the time on the Internet. Thank God for that. It is my deepest hope that people look at this picture and consider the humanity of the unborn child, these babies that are dying everyday.