Sunday, October 21, 2012 is perhaps the most disturbing (and some might say disgusting) sites on the internet. is run bypro-life (antiabortion) activists. It documents the reality of abortion with photographs of aborted babies in a video of abortions being performed. When you watch the abortion being performed, you can clearly see what look like dismembered arms coming out in the forceps. Later, you see the remains of other abortions- remains that look exactly like the broken bodies of babies.

The site documents something that not that many people want to know- that a fetus looks like a human being even in the first trimester of pregnancy, with arms and legs and hands with fingers. It is remarkable to realize how well developed these unborn babies are, even in the early stages. At seven weeks, the unborn baby has hands and feet, fingers and toes. It is horrifying when you see these fetuses lying there, torn apart from abortions.

When I first saw these pictures, I felt that they could not possibly be true- but when I researched further, looking in books intended for expectant mothers, I realized that the pictures were accurate- at least as far as the development of the babies in the abortions. This site does not reveal where they got the pictures of abortions – they say it is a secret they will only reveal to a judge (they claim that they can prove the pictures validity in a court of law) but they must have had some secret arrangement with an abortion clinic that they paid to film in. They have said that they will sue any individual or organization that claims that the pictures are not real. Therefore, they must be pretty confident they can win such a lawsuit.

I have been pro-life for many years, and never felt that I could have an abortion, but after seeing these pictures, I am convinced even more strongly that abortion kills babies. It is hard to see torn off arms and hands with fingers and not feel deeply upset, affected, and moved. Having seen the site, I feel determined to fight abortion.

Even though I have seen these pictures several times, the feelings of revulsion and horror are still very strong when I go to this site. The Center for Bio ethical Reform, the people who run the site also put these photographs on the backs and sides of trucks which they drive around the country. They also put the pictures on signs and show them at abortion clinics and on marches. I generally support their actions, but I worry about children seeing the photos – either that or women who’ve had abortions will be emotionally upset by them. So it’s a very difficult question as to whether or not these photo should be shown in public.

I would recommend you think before going to this site- can you handle it? I think it shows courage and character to take an unflinching look at the reality of a difficult issue- but be prepared to be shocked and upset by what you see.

The site is shocking and disturbing – but I think people should see it anyway. If we deny any truth that is shocking and disturbing, and put our heads in the sand, we will be the poorer for it in that we will allow injustices to continue.

See a picture from this site below

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Picture of 6 Week Old Unborn Baby

This is a picture of an unborn baby at six weeks after conception. At this stage, the heart is beating and the brain is giving off recognizable brain waves. The arms and legs are formed, and the profile of baby is apparent. A human being in this early stage of development can move independently, although it will be a long time before the mother can feel his or her movements. Gender is determined at conception, so the baby is already a male or female.

Abortion at 6 Weeks

Surgical abortions are seldom done before six weeks, and medical (pill) abortions, which may be done at any time make up less than 6% of all abortions in the U.S. So it can be estimated that most abortions happen at six weeks or later. Here is what a baby looks like in the womb at six weeks:

The Grantham Collection has a picture of the hand of a baby that has been aborted at this age. Note how tiny the hand is but it is unmistakably a human hand.

Here is a photo of an embryo at six weeks.

At this stage, the brain is already giving off waves. The heart is beating and has been beating since day 18-24.  This is a tiny baby. 

Consider this when you think of abortion in the United States.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Beautiful Photo of Ten Week Old Baby

This picture was taken by an Indian medical student of an unborn baby who was removed during a hysterectomy on a woman who had uterine cancer. It is a beautiful photograph that shows the humanity of the unborn child as early as 10 weeks after conception.

it was posted by live-action on their blog: go here to see it

in order to see what babies like this look like after they are aborted at 10 weeks, go to the clinic quote site here, but be warned that these pictures are extremely graphic and disturbing.

Thank God for the Internet – years ago, before the Internet became widely available, pro-lifers had to depend on the mainstream media to report issues of abortion, and the pictures of unborn babies. Needless to say, this seldom if ever happened. Now people see these pictures all the time on the Internet. Thank God for that. It is my deepest hope that people look at this picture and consider the humanity of the unborn child, these babies that are dying everyday.