Sunday, February 5, 2012

Picture of 6 Week Old Unborn Baby

This is a picture of an unborn baby at six weeks after conception. At this stage, the heart is beating and the brain is giving off recognizable brain waves. The arms and legs are formed, and the profile of baby is apparent. A human being in this early stage of development can move independently, although it will be a long time before the mother can feel his or her movements. Gender is determined at conception, so the baby is already a male or female.

Abortion at 6 Weeks

Surgical abortions are seldom done before six weeks, and medical (pill) abortions, which may be done at any time make up less than 6% of all abortions in the U.S. So it can be estimated that most abortions happen at six weeks or later. Here is what a baby looks like in the womb at six weeks:

The Grantham Collection has a picture of the hand of a baby that has been aborted at this age. Note how tiny the hand is but it is unmistakably a human hand.

Here is a photo of an embryo at six weeks.

At this stage, the brain is already giving off waves. The heart is beating and has been beating since day 18-24.  This is a tiny baby. 

Consider this when you think of abortion in the United States.